Graham Halcrow

Charity Rep

Hometown: Quispamsis, New Brunswick

Program: Bachelor of Science in Earth Science

Lived in Room: 003 (Pitt)

Fun Facts:

  • Ask me about Mr.Noodles if you have a death wish
  • I drink coffee black because I hate fun
  • My sexy partner Connor Mackay and I raised so much money at RALH that my bank shut down my account because they were suspicious of my e-transfer activity
  • I am terrified of insects with too many legs (8 +)
  • My roommate for 2019-20 is one of our lovely social reps; Willem Millet
  • I lost a shoe after throwing up on St.Patty’s day and went dumpster diving to find it
  • My sea cadet career only taught me how to do bad things and not get caught doing them so watch out
  • I challenge anyone to beat my Duck Hunt Duo in Smash

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